Our founding fathers believed so strongly in the concept of individual freedom that they pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to fight for a new nation.  

Today, more than 200 years later, we stand strong as a nation of United States. We share our prosperity with the world and we come to the aid of those in need.  But we suffer a new and different set of threats, a divergence in thinking born of the prosperity and abundance that generations have enjoyed. 

Now is the time to engage America in a discussion of the power of our principles

Collin Strong is a new kind of grassroots organization launched in one of the most influential counties in Texas.  We reach over 40 tax districts across Collin County to bring the message of conservative values and importantly to drive impact at the local and state levels.  

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Fantastic to see so many familiar and new faces at our 3rd Annual Republican Christmas Party! Special thanks to Mike McCandless and Soundmasters DJ Entertainment for providing our Collin Strong photo booth


Collin Strong learned that the Senator was passing through North Texas and we invited him to come see us. We really appreciate our friends at The Pantry for making their space available on short notice (3 days) to host over 500 supporters on a Tuesday morning.

You are welcome back anytime, Ted!


JULY 2018

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McKinney Conservatives

Over 50 of you joined us for our first ever McKinney Conservatives parade entry. We were a real crowd pleaser with our special guest, “Abe Lincoln”. Thank you for your commitment to showing our colors, growing the Conservative brand and spreading the Conservative message with good cheer throughout the parade route.

Join Us in 2019! 



Thank you to all the Republican Coalition of Collin County clubs for making the
2nd Annual Come All Ye Faithful event a tremendous success. 

Over 325 of you joined in the fun! The turnout surpassed all expectations and the fellowship in the room was fantastic. The grassroots are strong and are getting stronger in Collin. 

Thank you Attorney General Ken Paxton and Pastor John Mark Caton for your inspiring messages. We greatly enjoyed welcoming the General home to Collin County. Here's a little tid bit about the Attorney General that I didn't mention last night: Did you know that General Paxton is the first statewide official elected from Collin County since 1867? Another reason to be proud of our hometown hero! -And Thank you Grassroots for all your "John Hancocks". What a delight to hand over that signed Declaration to John Mark. A deserving man. We are big fans of the Pastor and his warm and encouraging congregation at Cottonwood Creek Church.

To all of you who joined us on the stage: Co-EMCEE Ellen Skinner, Sheriff Jim Skinner, Jimmy Teeling, Joe CordinaLily ForPlanoMike Giles, Joan Van Vliet, Pamona, Neal Katz, and Scott Sanford. Thank you! 

And again, most importantly, thank you to our clubs, of the Republican Coalition of Collin County. You work tirelessly, never asking to be thanked, and always with good cheer. You persevere. You are optimistic. You are unafraid. We appreciate you. May the peace of Christ be with all of you and your families this Christmas.

See you next year!

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